As one of the most versatile packaging options,
blister packs are a popular choice for a diverse range of products. Our high-speed custom thermoforming blister packaging capabilities provide unmatched flexibility in design and dimensions to ensure a packaging solution that works for your specific needs. Our blister packing equipment enables us to produce multiple product count blister packs, custom designs, and high volume items. We ensure fast, accurate and efficient operation that minimizes packaging costs.

Versatile Blister Packing Options

There are a variety of blister types, making blister packs an
excellent choice for a range of packaging needs. Our high-speed face seal blister packaging machinery enables us to provide the Eco-Friendly trapped blister package. This style of package consists of a recycled blister sandwiched between two paperboard cards. The trapped blister package is an alternative to a clamshell package. In most cases, trapped blister packs are more cost effective than clamshell packaging due to less plastic, faster production rates, and heat seal tooling instead of radio frequency tooling.

Advantages of Blister Packs

Our custom thermoforming capabilities ensure that your blister packaging effectively showcases your products. The primary advantages of blister packing include:

  • Cost savings
  • Increased graphics area
  • Prominent product display
  • Safe and easy opening features
  • Product protection and security
  • Recyclable material options

Blister packs can be customized with a range of features and design choices to meet the specific needs of your product. This style of packaging can be used for less expensive items such as pens and batteries or expensive items such as electronics. For more information about our blister packing options, please contact us today.