Sterling CPI recycles over 97% of their waste. On an annual basis, this equates to well over one million pounds.

One of the goals at Sterling CPI is to design packages with the optimal 
amount of material, weight, and cube.  As individual projects are developed, we strive to use renewable resources to make recyclable packages.  A summary of our sustainability program is listed below.  

  • We have supplier relationships with manufacturers licensed to use Natralock board which is a product of MeadWestvaco. The Natralock package is a substitute for clamshell packaging.  By using Natralock, a retailer can reduce their package weight by up to 20% and reduce their use of plastic by up to 70%.
  • We work with customers to design and produce packages in accordance with the7 R's scorecard for Wal Mart. The 7 Rís program is based on package weight reduction as well as renewable and recyclable materials. 
  • We have supplier relationships with thermoformers that use Smart Cycle PETE which has a minimum of 70% post-consumer recycled bottles. As a renewable resource, Smart Cycle can be used to manufacture clamshell packaging and blister packaging.  
  • We have a supplier relationship with the Ecolock package which is secure, sustainable, and safe. The Ecolock package is a patented, trapped blister package that can be developed with many types of recycled materials. 
  • From printed cards to POP displays, Sterling CPI has many options available for their customers to choose from in their pursuit of environmentally friendly packaging.  As part of our sustainability initiative, Sterling CPI is a GREEN company and we recycle over 90% of the materials used in our factories and our offices.