Sterling Contract Packaging Recycles One Million Pounds in 2013!

 Sterling Contract Packaging, located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, recycled one million pounds of waste between their office and manufacturing areas in 2013.  One million pounds equates to 97% of the waste produced in all of the Sterling CPI facilities.  The GREEN initiative was started by Michael Hastings, President and CEO, in 2010, to show the company's commitment to being a conscientious manufacturer. 

During the initial stages of the program, the focus was to reduce the amount of packaging material waste that is closely associated with their business of manufacturing consumer packages.  After partners were secured for all candidates of recycling in the factory, the focus turned to the office.  In addition to the commonly recycled office materials, the Sterling GREEN team turned their attention to eliminating water bottles, using recycled toner cartridges, and printing in duplex.  As the recycling program gained momentum, a recycling bin was added to each desk and the GREEN initiative quickly became a way of life for all of their employees. 

In 2013, a large investment was made to replace all lights in the building with energy efficient fixtures that use fewer bulbs.  Not only do those fixtures use fewer bulbs, but those bulbs use less energy while giving off more light.  In addition, the warehouse has installed fixtures with motion sensors.  These motion lights only operate when that particular aisle of the warehouse is being utilized.  In the last 12 months, Sterling CPI has consumed less energy with their lighting program. 

With the GREEN program only 4 years old, it is incredible to see, in 2013, that one million pounds of waste avoided the landfill.  According to Michael Hastings, "One million pounds is equivalent to the weight of 250 average size automobiles.  That is amazing!" As their business continues to grow, Sterling CPI will continue to recycle their waste and look for areas to invest in reduced energy consumption.